Christa or james after crw feedback

So after using christa or james. Did anyone have regrets? What are your thoughts on them now after your last crw with them on defense Or specially offense? Any feedback is great


Eh, a little bit, either way I would have regretted the choice a little bit, as both are useful in their own ways.

Shouldnt have maxed christa ar. Didnt expect to use her for defense, only attack so figured why not but once I saw how op she was in every defense i regret it.

Yup it was great , everybody telegraphed their teams so almost every fight outside of the super op/cheap teams started 5 vs 4 in my favor.

Kind of reminds me of Carl/mirabelle dark ages

Can you expand?

Why would you not want a maxed AR for Christa on defence?


Loved using Christa on attack she was awesome, and she was amazing at smashing James to bits😋

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I think he meant AS

Nope. I love Christa. I actually thought she was utter trash until one of my faction mates showed me how to use her properly lol. I’m glad with my choice.

No regrets in fact I am probably a little more positive about my choice thanks too war and draft arena

James and absolutly zero regrets.

Crista is the better option imo. She fits in nicely with Michelle, although James now has Camilla. She has trait advantage over some of the more annoying toons, Wayland and now James. Her AR is pretty safe as she can kill the payback toon first with normal attacks then use her rush.

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Everyone will say christa but that’s just poppy cock James eats heavily and can actually take a hit I had zero trouble with christa and I use a green attack team


I meant after a certain point, team wise you can expect to see one or the other whether they fit into the team or not. Most do not have the sorrounding to keep that toon that I know will be there alive. So they start the fight at a disadvantage

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Literally same (except like 1 time on a team that also had payback toons).

That’s because people are idiots and assume they can shoehorn any toon into a team and achieve synergy. I was shocked at how many Eric teams had Christa who, as you say, was an easy target due to the total lack of synergy.


Pretty much , have to use what ya have so I get it though

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Picked Christa and have 0 regrets she clapped some cheeks last war

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Yeah, Scopely needs to change her AI on defense. It drastically reduces her effectiveness on defense

Yes!!! I had very few problems fighting either one because most of the time they didn t mesh with the rest of the team. I took christa but she’s not on any of my teams because she just doesn’t fit, and i don’t use the greatest toons on atk but they work well together.