Christa kills whole team in one hit!

There was a video around the 15th of November that had a Diego team lead and Christa on the defense team and she was impaired or something and she attacked with splash damage and killed all 5 players on the attack team. Does anyone have that video?

I’ve seen 4, pain split, and u take them down, 4 died(they were gen 1 6 stars lol)

Not giving away my perfectly legit secret (worked hard on the weapon and mods), but it’s absolutely possible.

I’m just looking for that one video. No need for info I just happened to see it on the forums and shared it cause it was awesome but someone wants to see it and we couldn’t load the video??? Not sure why but that’s all. We already have good setups just need that video since it was so fluky.

My bad then. I thought it was questioning the possibility. I haven’t seen the video personally, but hopefully someone has the info on it for you.

Splash weapon + high attack mods/ attack when impaired (150% platinium) good critical mod+ atk blue priya lead and shield magna
Turn 2 u can kill 4

Can crit n splash proc together? Cant remember…

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