Christa has been Nerfed

When released, S-Class Christa was good for two kills on pretty much any 6* character. As time and levels increased, she no longer takes down two and is running at about a 60% clip on taking down one 6*. My guess is that this was planned since she was a freebie to the players. I appreciate the kills she got me, but that doesn’t outweigh the Nerf now. Lame


Damn that sucks should of picked James

#James Gang


She still does lol.


Ennemies got to be adjacent to be touch.


Fast toons seem be hitting way harder after war


This I know. But there is a definite turn down on her AR. She would absolutely off two 6 star characters before, and now not as much. I should probably ss this tho.

Thanks for the ss. I’ll take a couple of her on my team for reference. And once crw started last weekend, my yellows were Hitting for far less power. Could be the yellow crit tower I Jeter in on actually worked against the faction/player taking it

maybe people have modded defences to def vs alert trait for this reason


Lots of people have put veteran rings on their defence teams now. Does make a difference


yes it stops waste not and mine has almost 10k atk with a %50 buff

his vet rigs are maxed

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OK. So vet rings are making the difference with this it seems. I’ve read the base power increase from each character, and seemed very incremental at first glance, but does make sense. Thanks for the feedback

Scopely said go fuck yourself if you chose christa. And scopely said DEATH TO CHRISTA and pressed the buff button (I notice her ar too. Her ar is either 1 shots two toons. Or it just takes damage close or half) James is OP as fuck. I should of ■■■■■■■ chose him.

Good counter to james is Disarm, stun, impair.
Good way to make sure he don’t get revived is DECAP.

No. She definitely still kills 2 6*
S class however :-1:


There’s a lot of variables you’re not considering, mainly defense mods against Alert.


She either can 1 shot james or not. Im gonna swap out camilla’s atk set with def so I can get back to ■■■■■■■ people toons up.

Whenever I raid some christas can 1 shot 80% of my team (Take out dante, shiva, wyatt, and charlie with earned it) That or it’s multiple AR’S

mine is working just fine

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I wish they never nerfed her. James col dmg AR is op. He one shots the toon during ar then he either half death (Take your toon down to half) or one shot again.

I never see why people complain about James being OP. I picked Christa, but I never have problems with James unless he’s got an amazing team around him. In those cases, I figure I’d probably still have a hard time even without James.

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m red heavy, but he’s entirely controllable so long as you don’t have to focus far too much effort on other characters while ignoring James.


Something going on bc I noticed she’s only hitting 1 target and not dealing half, not half the damage she used too. She didn’t get a stop sign. So don’t take what made her worth the choice away and leave James crazy damaging everything. Not fair to those who chose her. Sorry.