Christa... 50% instead of 100%

After a few days thinking of witch character I should choose, decided to stay with Christa, sadly of course.
It was supposed her to have 100% of heal reduction for 3 turns, this was the reason that made me choose her, but she does not have it, she is just half a Christa. Her heal reduction is just 50%… how unfair this is… does anyone else had this problem?

Have you maxed her AR completely yet?


Level 6 of her AR gives the other 50%

Its important to pay attention to the details

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As you can see her AR is full and I still have 50%

That is definitely a problem I would message support

Now that I know that you have 100% I will send them a message.

Can you grab a screenshot of her in combat showing the 50% heal reduction there? I wonder if the text description is wrong but the right number is being applied in combat.

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need to level up her AR she’s still cool. Very mad about omid

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