Chris should be fixed

While chris adrénaline rush, he can be impacted by the special stat of the weapon of the Defender.

While should he be like that when others are not.

Please fix that

any double att or triple att rush toons are, always best to disarm before using the likes of him or sandy if you have a disarm that is


There’s nothing to fix, as this is an intentional design decision. On the bright side, he can wield a stun weapon which has 3 separate chances to proc against the enemy.


does the decap knife sandy have a chance doing 4 attacks during a rush cause of her weapon having a chance of second 200% attack?


Yes, Dwight does this. Can be devastating.

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Your focused on the down side while not crediting the upside.


Can trigger defensive weapons special slot
(when attacked, bonus def when, etc)

Can trigger defensive mods

Can trigger specialist skill multiple times
(indomitable, Berserker)


Can trigger their own special weapons abilities (bonus Stat when, stun atk, double atk, etc)

Can trigger specialist skill
(neutralize, etc)

Can perform crit dmg atks (x1.5 multiplier)

Can maximize damage to single target while being able to move on to new target if that target is killed.

For me personally it adds more depth to the game having these different trade-offs for toons.


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