Choose Your Side 2.0?

@kalishane is there any consideration to running a second Choose Your Side event? I think if you ask most players you will see that the Choose Your Side event was one of the most popular events in the entire run of the game. Drops and prizes were balanced, objectives where achievable with some effort and, most importantly IMHO, by picking one of two options for the final prize (LE Jesus or LE Dwight) the value of the prize was increased and gameplay remained more balanced than when everyone in the region receives the same prize (blue five star Glenn, I’m looking at you).

Players without a revive picked Jesus, and players who already had revives picked Dwight, for the most part. Maybe 2.0 could offer a choice between two ascendable five stars.


This is a good idea

Theyre too low on ascendables bro

I like it. And the two toons we can pick from should be a 5* ascendable ranged leader and a melee leader. With the same leaderskill (except for range/melee).

Nah, they’re too low right now. For the amount of time it would take to plan and design an event, they’d have plenty of time to develop some ascendables. It’s early November and shane said they are working on a holiday event, so I read into that two to three months work for a major, multi-week event.

They’ll only release promo 6* cause its scopely bro

I second this motion!

How about a Rick Vs. Negan this time?

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I wasn’t around for the Choose your side event but I’ve heard about it. Sounds like fun. Would be great if I got a chance to participate.

Good idea I remember this as I picked Dwight, and like u say it was interesting and also motivating to get the toon u want at the end, I hope they note this down for future event