Choose defend order


Just a thought. Why not have position be the order of attack ? Rather than attacking in a random order. I think this would bring a lot of skill and challenge into building defense teams.


I like this idea.
We can then play test the set-ups using the friendly duel feature.

In addition, I would like a tick box to disable the active skill on defense.
Some are just plain useless (i.e. Abe’s)


How about they just make the AI smarter and program them to do things that make sense and that a real person would do. Whats that an enemy is about to rush and I have an active impair ready and no way to kill it otherwise. Hmmm, what to do, what to do. I know I will impair it. The AI just needs to make smarter choices on defense. I don’t want to have to put my toons in a certain order. That also still does not guarantee they do the right thing at the right time either.

My other theory is that they keep the AI dumb so it presents no challenge. People like to win. If the AI could beat you most of the time people would stop playing because people do not like to lose. You know what would fix this. Fighting the actual enemy player in real time instead of an AI.