Choice boxes - please an update

Can you please update the choice boxes from the S-class roadmap. We need vanilla cakes etc. Just as the arena coice boxes are.


We need Posters for Aarav!



Not an area one wants to see outdated. As soon as the next S-Class is out the previous one should be put in all the boxes


Who’s the brainiac that thought assigning a unique collectable to every single s-class was a good idea in the first place? Because each s-class toon requires a different collectable so down the road when there are 100 s-class toons that means there will be 100 different collectables to keep track off. Good luck with that.

Why not just use one item for all of them. For example, just using blue keys as the collectable would change nothing as each s-class toon still would require the same amount to unlock and it would streamline the entire reward process.


Wouldn’t you love to hear them give a talk so you could get a better understanding of their game design logic.
Hey, What do you know.

Welcome back, by the way

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They most likely remove some choice box items and make them pay or events only

If it was blue keys, players would have enough by now to just get the new premier. Would hurt their sales especially with whales who pulled for Pete the first time.

I believe most games who use this shard system have a different shard for each character.

only just hit 8k for him >.?

I think it’s pretty clear they don’t apply logic with anything they do.

They simply just think only in the short term. They think what can we do today to get people to part with their money and that has obviously worked for them these past 4 years.

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that there are people out there willing to drop so much money into a game. It truly boggles the mind.

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So this is why the choice crate hasn’t been updated


@Parker is stealing all the Hengyen cakes for himself, GET HIM!


Is this really a true shard system? Do you honestly expect them to be able to juggle 100 different collectibles and make sure that down the road they are all readily available? I sure as hell don’t.

It makes no difference if someone wants Raluto they are going to select shotgun shells as their reward and if they want Pryia they are going to select ice cream cones, etc so changing the system over to one collectible for s-class toons would just 100% streamline things without changing the process.

They need to revamp the museum if they gonna carry on like this anyways

Not true, I’ve got them too. Just need to be in the right bucket…

Just add the new collection items to the crates dont take others out some people still havent collected them all


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