Choice boxes bugged and unable to open a ticket

So I finally managed to get a choice box from the Michonne tokens:

This is what’s inside:

In the support tab, I no longer have the ability to contact them to open a ticket:

Where do I go from here?

Tap on a couple subjects and a button should appear

That worked, thank you!

Have the same issue, raised a ticket too. Was yours solved?

Not yet. Said there was a large level of tickets being raised and that I was in a queue

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Have won this box from michonne tokens but look inside total garbage :roll_eyes: not sclass items. Will this be fixed? Haven’t opened it yet just claimed. Thanks

yeah, me too

Same. Once opened it had one survivor and one (!) food. Super helpful.

Give it time to update since they added white cakes into it

Just don’t open any if then boxes til its fixed

last 2 choise boxes


@JB.Scopely please solve this

I hope they will correct that before the end of the cache …

I have been saving up pulls since I’ve seen this… can we please clarify whether it’s a mistake or this is actually supposed to be there?

hi @JB.Scopely please respond my email and give us replacement boxes

This needs sorting out ASAP

I got a choice box & it was normal, could be a visual glitch

first 2 of them is ok when you can choice keys and other s class items this is for the last 2 boxes

It’s weird all mine have been fine from the wheel last few days, this error is on random accounts?