Choice Box UI update

I would find it useful if when you opened a choice box, you would be told how many of each. selection you have.

For instance you go to inventory, you click open on an equipment choice box, you tap a selection, and at the bottom it says “you have X whetstones”

would save me a lot of time scrolling in the store when I want to check on what I need most


This is a suggestion that has been put forward to Scopely by the Players Council. So hopefully it’s something they’ll look at implementing.


Personally I like how when you’re opening a stack of boxes the whole stack will randomly move to somewhere else in your inventory and then you have to go find it again.

Awesome feature!


This drives me insane. I need to open 30 whetstone or whatever boxes and end up chasing it through my inventory. :persevere::upside_down_face:

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Yep… that’s a pain. Also wondering why there’s no feature to open the desired number of boxes instead of having to open 1 by 1… Scopes obviously doesnt understand UX

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We need all these updates

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The box moving is because it opens the oldest out of the stack and the boxes in the inventory are ordered by date so the second oldest might not have been collected at the same time.
An incredibly easy programming fix to this would be to program it to open the newest box first, then the oldest box would still keep the date of when it was collected in the same place, therefore nothing would move, and because boxes in a stack are exactly the same, it would have no negative reprecussions. Common sense really.
@Parker - worth mentioning in case they have overlooked this easy fix?


I did raise that 2 weeks ago now. I remember as it was written hilariously out of order. Lol

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Is this really the logic behind order? I’m pretty sure that I’ve gotten a stack of boxes at the same time (let’s say a roadmap gives you 6 for completing) and when I open them they still shift around. In that case the boxes would all have the same timestamp right?

They usually end up on top of other boxes of the same type. You’ll see that it doesn’t always move - thats because you would have got six at once so it wouldn’t have moved until the 6th time.

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