Choice box stacking

There are many people who do not immediately open their choice boxes, especially when it involves gear, as they do not know which gear they may be needing in the future. I recommend the choice boxes be stackable. This would make keeping track of what you have easier, for potential big reporting or ease of finding the items you need.


This really shouldn’t pertain just to choice boxes, but for everything in general. I have to scroll past like 300 pre-updated war crates and 100 Michonne flag choice boxes to count the number of s-class collectible boxes that I have to count to see if I can hit Amber/Priya for that additional choice box.


All trainers, boxes, bags and whatever else should stack :grinning:

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OMG Yes. I have hundreds of gold mod boxes to scroll through as well. Why? Because we don’t have enough slots for mod inventory, but that’s another problem for another thread.

It doesn’t show how many items you have in inventory but I probably have 2000. It’s carpal tunnel inducing scrolling to the end

I hope someday I’m down to 300…

Rough estimate, probably more :confused:

Stacking and not having to open individually. Just so we’re clear about ALL the issues with this.

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Yes! I’ve been asking this for a long time now. What’s worse is that war crates kinda stacked when the new ones came out, but now they are back to the old way again.

its not only about stacking… most bags are not even marked and you have to open them just to see whats inside.

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Scopely, take this suggestion and use it. It would show that you actually do listen to the players, at least sometimes. Make the different crates stackable. Make it so they can be opened X times the number of items we want to open. Help keep your players happy

I gave up a couple of weeks ago and made a spreadsheet. It’s a pain to update, but the only realistic way to keep track of collectibles in boxes.

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