Choice box screw up

Come on scopely get it together what is this?


Screwing up compensation for a screw up. This has got be some sort of new heights that this company is aiming to achieve


Lmfao cant this company get anything right…what a ■■■■■■■ joke

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same thing here

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Now we wait for compensation for the original compensation. Mind blown! :roll_eyes:

Or do you think they are purposely trolling the Playerbase at this point? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Now this is truly funny on so many levels. Wow

I’m actually starting to beleive this is all on purpose

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They want us to quit. It’s the only reasonable explanation



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and yet so many people still pay to play this game…

Me new region war with older region I’m pissed. With broken war issue I’m pretty pissed. And with shitty compensation I’m very pissed. And with screw up choice box I’m ■■■■■■■ pissed. Damn scopely wtf is wrong with you

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Check your offers, there’s a free one there with the right choice box.

leave the board of players. There is no communication. It’s all illusion. Who administers this does not have the game on your phone. It’s just business and everyone is being used for free

Was half expecting the “compensation for compensation for major bugs” to accidentally be a virus that wrecks my phone.

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Thanks for the report. The correct choice box has now been sent out.

And the real compensation?

Escalate to the team: “When the real compensation would arrive? Because this is a joke for the players, right?”


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