Choctaw welcomes factions and players


Due to 2018 reigion transfer we at choctaw need a few facs
For a while we only get 15 facs during a normal war on the leader board
The last thing we want is choctaw to die out
So were welcoming anyone to choctaw
New old young retired
Choctaw has a spot for you


You should read the bottom half of this


The problem with choctaw is foe were dead and we, not even that old are top ayer only has around 50k to 60k max
I’m happy to move but I really don’t know if my whole faction would I mean I’m rank 118 with only 16k rep doubt anyone would take me


It entirely depends on the region. You’re new now with room to move up, but staying in a region that’s dying/dead now, just means it’ll still be dead later.


choctaw is dead, and i am coming back in this game.


Dude rep means literally nothing don’t worry about it just cool active and have good weapons lol and I bet someone will take you into their faction


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