Choctaw needs a merge ASAP!


My reigion choctaw needs a merge we’ve been up and running 8 or 9 months and od say for while we’ve all in choctaw come together to try and help low factions since we only get 20 on a board in war and theres acrostic drop in war points 10th place and below.
Originally are reigion was full of roleplayers most of them took the entire global up and anyone who dare tried gg were drive known off because they interpreted they are gone noe but however this had a effect on the activity of choctaw.
About a 1 month or so down line chambers was made and it saw most choctawians go over not all at once but over a period affecting choctaws population.
An example of people moving to chambers was when a whole faction known as the militia had moved over in the first week of it being open
However this somewhat slow period of time of depopulation has recently gotten worse many people are retiring due to bad wars bad events etc and it’s really affecting the smaller factions which may not be able to keep up with current metas in a bit of a struggle and if are depopulation continues they may succumb to retirement resulting in total death of reigion for good.
Many top factions have been trying to help theese smaller factions and with all due respect are doing all they can so we as choctaw are asking you to help us out
We as reigion would like to be merged with chambers or a reigion of simular age which allows smaller factions to have a chance and bring activity back to choctaw it would be like Christmas day if you merged us as a reigion it would be be a massive help most of all though.
So please merge us ASAP thank you