Chocolate boxes Event

So will there be a museum collection or nah? States that’s where we trade them in at, but i don’t see a collection. Not sure i want to pursue the offers if the end result is not worth it.

Assuming its these its under missions

What are the hearts in the offer for? The Davie roadmap?

What is offer #2 and #3 ?

The davie missions

That’s what i thought but it’s not a museum collection, that’s mission rewards.

Idk. Just want @TayTron or @WalkerTexasRanger to weigh in

No idea as i haven’t gone through first one yet

Whoever wrote that description doesn’t have any idea how it’s being implemented. It talks about the museum which doesn’t appear to be the case as it’s in the missions section. And it says they are available in limited time events which they aren’t, they are for purchase only.

I’m pretty sure the description is just their basic description and they just plug in the item name every time it changes.

The in-game pop up is more clear.

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You got a picture of the pop up?

Nope. Everytime it pops up it’s right as I’m clicking the screen so it disappears.

#2 is 50k of the Sheila tokens and more hearts and 3 is more hearts 30k armory tokens , blow torch, lighter fluid and a file. $35 for all 3

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Weird they tie two offers into one. If you skipped Davie roadmaps, your getting less value on this offer.

Hell, these are tempting in their own right

Do you know how many hearts in offer two? I know 3 is 5,000

I’m sorry I don’t remember. Just looking i would guess 3k. Offer one was 1k and #3 was 5k.


2nd offer had 2k hearts

Hey all. Just wanted to confirm your initial assumptions. The description in the offer is indeed incorrect and the Heart Boxes of Chocolate are only to be used to complete events and there is no collection for the Heart Box of Chocolates.

Sorry for the confusion!


if the collection is being posted as a mission the it should be attainable through roadmaps. otherwise put It in the reward pay reels

F2P it’s not for us

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Not much is anymore…