Chihuahuas Gate


Thank you for the brand new s-class event.
I can’t wait 88 days to see our new toon be mashed up by all the crazy newer s-class that you guys will have released by then … But that being said, where have all the chihuahuas gone ?

@GR.scopely you told us purple tokens would come to replace them but I didn’t see anything.

Was S-class event a diversion so we forget all about it ?
Or is something coming up ?



Leave things in the past and love kenny


They’re all enjoying the last of the lazy summer days on a farm in the country. No need to involve yourself in their activities, they’re being cared for in your absence.

Shes raid toon… wont be getting smashed that much

Pretty sure they’re being taken care of with ease, they are plushes … But I would like to know when will we see them back and be able to use them !

Sleeping without my plushes has been rough lately …

I suppose you mean Christa ?
Wait till she faces a Priya or another future abomination like her …

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Spend more time on your school work little Timmy and stop worrying about the puppies left out on the curb to be taken to the farm in the country.

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Raid with a shield with inpair she wont be doing anything for long time

Actually school is long gone for me but thanks for the advice.
Thank you both, that really made me forgot about being lied once again …

Lied to? I don’t know what your friends have been saying but grandma Betty & uncle Wally are taking care of all those puppies on the farm right now. They get all the cotton candy and table scraps they can eat. Even the one with the loose stitching on his leg is all better now.

werent Chihuahas for the garbage red Romanov?


Yes they were. Supposedly they also were reusable for another toon to be determined …

I remember having read GR saying puppies would be converted to purple tokens so we could keep em.

Yet no infos about this since a while, hence my question.

IIRC people were saying that Scopely said they would be “reusable,” which IMO is true even if they were converted to Supply Depot points or something. I don’t recall anyone saying that they’d be reusable for another character offer. I’d be happy to be wrong though lol, I think I had almostttt enough for a 2nd Romanov

@GR.Scopely + @JB.Scopely any news on this? I thought there were only fineprint details that needed adjusting but it has been almost 2 weeks now since the collection expired.

Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

They’re counting on us to forget thanks to their new typhoon of shit. It’s the scopely way


It clearly looks like it :pensive:
@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @LadyGeek @Jboogie @Gov @Bane @AnyoneInPc ???

Would’t hurt anybody to have a clue please …

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Screenshot_20190828-121701_Walking%20Dead and got nothing to show for it.

I said we needed confirmation as to what was going to happen with the extra chihuahuas and got shouted down because @JB.Scopely had said they were going to be “reusable”. Even though he said that was just their “intention”. Someday people might learn not to rely on what anyone from Scopely says.

I would like to think that the fact they weren’t converted to anything else means they will be used again, but when? I doubt we’ll get an answer, they prefer empty promises and vague responses that don’t tell us anything to keep us hanging.

I imagine the best case scenario is they make another collection for a toon nobody wants.

There you go

Well, thanks everyone for your infos … Another under-the-rug dead body … :weary:

@GR.Scopely so you told us we would get them converted to new things so you lied?