Chihuahua Toon?

Instead of gving us romanov for the chihuahua collection, could we please have a chihuahua toon?


Yes OwO pwz

Adrenaline rush : ankle bite - deal 50 bleed damage for 2 turns
Active skill : annoying bark - impair enemy for 0 turns


We already have Marlon and Rosie so I don’t see why not

And everyone knows rosie is carrying marlon on that team.

I think we have a Chihuahua Collection thanks to Beanie ><. Even he has a cameo in Elle’s Story as one of her pets.

Compared to Romanov, the chihuahua would be drastically overpowered.

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Paris Hilton in your bed: Force team to flee.

I want Paris Hilton in my bed, so hot

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Mmmmmmmmm paris


We already have rarlon and mosie

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