Chihuahua Plush - what happened?

I remembered him being vague about something. What’s new

Missing the key words there everyone;

As I hinted recently, those new collectibles shall not be lost, and we will introduce ways of re-utilising them, “or convert them”. A broader communications shall be issued on this in the near future.

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99.9 % convert

Lol I’m not even expecting that, so concerting would be a win.

Where are my plushies?

So, which are true?

Man - I had high hopes that they would be redeemable for something - Gear, trainers, whatever’s but this would indicate that the Chihuahua Plush I had earned, have vanished into the ether, never to be heard from again…

Classic !

You grind your @ss hard for some weeks aaaaaand … Nothing. But hey, keep on surviving you kno’

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Can anyone in PC comment ? @Bane @Gov @Martintaron ? Have we just lost these despite being told they would be resusable ?

I’ve just seen the date of the original scopely comment :man_facepalming:t2: it was before they changed their minds right?

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