Chihuahua Plush - what happened?

So what did these get converted into ? We had an extension (following the level up mess up) and then a further opportunity to pull Romanov for 2 days and now that has gone nothing?

Have I missed an update somewhere?

They will not expire, JB said they will be reused in another event soon


Jb says anything but is it real info from higher up or is it half baked info from line


If only we had some kind of official platform where this information could be communicated…


I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere here on the forums

He waits answers from gamedesigner but the INTENT is to have them later.
Sure i trust it when i see it

Think he said it was possible that they could be used later. But didn’t give a definite answer

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Just accept they are gone and won’t be coming back. They will be overshadowed by the next promo s class toon or bugged event that no one wants to play


Excellent , I hold out hope for this happening soon…

F_cking better not. I “luckily” earnt enough to pull a second Romanov from the event (to add to the one I already had) but if I’d known that the plushies wouldn’t just disappear into oblivion I wouldn’t have bothered.

Same boat here, i could have pulled a second but saw jb say they will be used in the future. If this isnt true i could have at least had another character to use for ascendence fodder. Not a huge deal but still comunication should be a lot better, didn’t someone just make a list of promises with better communication at the top of the list?

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Did you know that scopely is a perfect anagram of uselessspactards


He said possibly used in the future. They are most likely gone


What are these purple tokens for that have replaced Summer Tokens?

Purple tokens have always been placeholders when a token no longer exists

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So what can you do with them?

Whatever they’re going to be used for, you can be sure that the required number of plushes will be doubled (at least) since people will already have a few.

Nothing currently.

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He didn’t say possibly in the future. Here are his words:

As I hinted recently, those new collectibles shall not be lost, and we will introduce ways of re-utilising them, or convert them. A broader communications shall be issued on this in the near future.

Problem is, the future can be a really long ways off lol


JB this
JB that
Dude is nothing but conjecture.