Cherry Pie offers?

Why are there no Cherry pie offers? I made the mistake of trying to complete the last roadmap with no faction supporter thinking I could afford to fail because I could buy more pies if needed. But after the first rng offer nothing else has appeared!! Now I’m short to finish by 4 pies😭 please @GR.Scopely

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Isn’t this pay to win event? I ain’t jumping through the hoops to buy sandwhiches and pies.

OMG :scream: Seriously your paying for HinaIMG_2888 IMG_2892

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Careful they have a whales united now if they decide to attack we won’t be able to stop them

Apparently paying to not get Hina cause I can’t finish the map without energy which Scopely doesn’t see as an issue. But to answer the question about Hina yes its a great deal to get another hemorrhage toon, very powerful skill nowadays.


@GR.Scopely will there be cherry pie offers

They just returned this morning for me

How did you beat stage 7 and what does stage 8 look like? Stage 7 has stopped me twice now.

I didn’t have much of an issue with 7, stage 5 destroyed my toons for some reason. Last stage is Lydia lead, yellow Kal, Nik, Alpha decap and Doc. Was not too tough. Stage 7 if your having trouble go with a def lead like garret, holly if u have her if not guardian zeke, then A decap like julie and yellow or blue toons with some crowd control or neutralize

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