Checking enemy weapons placement

The new design for checking enemy weapons during a raid is terrible. You click and hold on a character and it pops up right behind your thumb. You can’t lift your thumb, you have to move it to the side.

Was this tested?


It is atrocious, isn’t it? It was perfect as is.


Didn’t this already exist?

Drag your thumb down without lifting.


I don’t see much of a problem besides the fact the text is too small.

Just tap and hold without moving upwards.

Clearly we’re not moving upwards…

On my screen if I just tap & hold my finger obscures the weapon mods text. I then have to slide my finger out of the way to see the detail. Doing that potentially five times in one fight wastes time. But hey, one step forwards, two steps back, it’s what we’re used to.


No. IIRC the weapon details popped up on the other side of the screen.

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