Checkbox causing the game to restart

When I go to open the choice boxes, either with character cards or junk, the game restarts and after that, the faction’s activities have been read since the previous month.


Yeah, mine all just got combined for some odd reason or another.


Did you guys update? I would say yes and that’s the problem.

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Had auto update on like a clown-_-

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@WalkerTexasRanger bruh :v


It looks like they’re working on stacking all of the crates in our inventory so we will have an easier time seeing what we have. Lots of people have been asking for that. But, I guess it’s not ready for prime time yet if it’s crashing the game.

The problem is it has stacked all the different item boxes into one. So there’s no way to open the gear you need, because they’re all mixed up.

if you havnt updated the game and then if you have all your choic eboxes divided try to open the choice boxes slowly dont tap on the screen time to time. thats the problem try to open without taping fast. i had to do it like that and then if i open like 7-8 then i will close my game and then open, close and then open like that if you need to open more

I understand that you found a way to get it to work, but HOW RIDICULOUS is it that you have to do anything other than just open the boxes with the gear you want? They have been aware of this issue, as well as others, for a long time, and they don’t bother to fix it.

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