Check your team grades


Mostly likely a bug or they included your mods when determining team grade


Mine haven’t been upgraded yet.


My defense s9 noice


Makes sense if that is due to mods. A team is clearly not s5++ anymore if they have stats that are way more than that.



Includes lead skill, my Lori is almost equally modded as my Mira

NEVERMIND I apparently can’t count


Its in the change log. They added everything else in leader skill mods ect…


Weapons too!!!


New team grades include mods, weapons and leader skill. Makes sense to include them, they make a huge difference in how good your team is. Hopefully it will help make matchmaking a little better.


from what i played in beta it makes it way worse


Worse how?


well, iit updated in one region, and not in another lol


dang, i don’t want to be general by default again but i have an s9+ team of free to play toons


Well the best team you could make stat wise is 5 barkers lol


Maybe carl with 4 barkers since it takes leader skill into account lol


autofill seems to work the same as before, not pulling toons with 5 gold mods so i think that still relies on base stats.


worse by missleading you that you fight worse teams than they actually are, because grading works different


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