Check Out My Prestige Pull

Most excellent!
This is exactly what I wanted for 3 months saving.
I’m gonna sell these for 1,170 Depot points to add to the 221,637 Depot Points I already have. edit: thanks to the Great War token conversion rate.

Those extra Depot Points will come in handy once a week if they have 5 raid cans to sell (because I’ve bought every useful toon in that empty marketplace).



Scopes don’t follow the generally accepted definitions of the following words, elite,rare or prestigious .

What those actually mean in this game are uncommon,common and uncommon +


They really should make that wheel like 5* tokens no 4* but more ascends in that wheel than 5* tokens

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Totally these are very valuable and worth all the time put in to get them.

Also, prestige michonne, who I may get maxed out in another year or two after playing this game EVERY SINGLE DAY for years is by FAR the most valuable and powerful toon in the game. Oh wait…I forgot that she is not even ascendable and therefore completely worthless.

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I sold my back in 2016 to get my 2nd Andera haha

You actually pulled 3 viable toons for defence. Why are you complaining?

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That’s a $13,000 value. You should thank Scooploop by buying a couple $100 offers

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