CHECK IN, my fellow 100-plus-Raids-Still-No-Treasure-Map crew


Because misery loves company…



Yo. Both accounts.

Ah well, already have her on both, so not a biggie


Present :neutral_face:


Just-broke-the-100-raids-mark dude, checking in. Who needs to study for major exams when you can spend hours on a game for a small chance at a decent character, right?




Yep, I haven’t gotten a treasure map yet either!


what is this treasure map you speak of?


I got it at around 40 cans so 240ish raid. My Man U still got a long way to go


Right here sadly. Around 70 cans across 2 regions.


Took 25ish cans before raid event. Good luck guys.



Man get that shit outta here. This is the thread for us to sulk and feel sorry for ourselves for not being on RNG’s good side. You trying to make us feel worse?


If it makes you feel better Ive done like 8 pulls from anniversary and gotten only one 6* and 2 dupes :smiley:


No it dosen’t. But thanks


There’s 6* in that wheel? Coulda fooled me. :woman_shrugging:


Only 2 dupes? Ya boi sitting at 3 pulls 3 anna


Checking in :’(


I’m at about 3100 raid trophies no map. Had three of her already but still annoying.


This map thing reminds me of the Michonne head, that really pissed off a lot of players.

Haven’t received map, smh


Okay it is still time to get that head… Err I mean map. Ah forget it, hello there, checking-in.

Btw. I had some raids without any Tokens or gloves etc. Is this a Bug, or just scope catch fast the map out of my rewards?