Cheats or trolls

Sorry. Not sure on the rules here so sorry if I break some of them. After seeing comments about trolls ruining the game for people who would you consider to be worse? Who should scopely be doing more to ban?

I personally think Cheats as trolls can be blocked.

This guy used to be in my faction and has openly bragged to us about buying from 3rd parties. His real name has been scrubbed out for privacy but he goes by the name Liondog usually. How can some like that be still allowed to play the game when he has clearly breached the T&C of the game?
There are more in his current faction who have also used 3rd parties to get weapons/toons and now take top spot from us in wars. How is that fair for hardworking gamers?
Are other regions like this? Is there anything that can be done to Liondog and his faction @kalishane?

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They don’t care. As long as whales spend they get revenue.

Naw bro. If that dude’s a hacker and cheater then his name shouldn’t be scrubbed out. Repost the screenshot with his name and let him get caught by Scopley. Scrubbing out his name just means your defending someone going against tos and game rules which makes you a suspect too. I get he’s your buddy, but if he’s going around cheating then how the heck can people enjoy the game. This is one of the things players are upset about. Cheaters are ruining their game experience. I even fought a hacker last war. The Shield the Zeke put on green Carl wouldn’t go off and stayed on for three turns which was bs. Luckily I managed to win, but yeah stop defending cheaters and post the uncensored screenshot so the community knows what type of cheaters they’re going up against.

All the information on the proper way to report a cheater is here:

Please follow the proper procedure in that post. Putting screenshots on the forums does not help.

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Oh the guy is not my friend. The guy is a massive creep who sells pictures of his sister for god sake.
I hid his name in case i get in trouble lol.

I will follow the directions of Ladygeek and report it properly. But i agree that they should be named and shamed (not by me) and removed from the game so we can all enjoy it properly.

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