Cheats are still present and ruining tornaments



It’s got to the point we can’t compete in solo events anymore, for the past month a group of cheats are purposefully ruining tornaments to spite us, we have tons of evidence yet the email has done nothing about it, they have even gone to brag on global about it.

I even have screenshots of a cheat who stole a tornament from me apologising to me for doing so, also claiming to not hacking her weapons but only manipulating the timers so they instantly finished instead,

We also have one who doesn’t hack anymore Supposedly but says it was OK at the start for him to do it and now he’s stopped as he doesn’t want to risk scopley catching him as his roster is to stacked with weapons and characters to risk it.

I don’t know as a region how we can put up with it any longer we have lost 10 of the top 20 players in the last couple of weeks due to this, and any progress we make to our teams is pointless as they wipe through them flawlessly without healers. My main war team that meant I wasn’t destroyed once as general all war was flawlessly destroyed by these people and they are targeting me as I am the main person speaking out about them.

The game is ruined for me until you remove them, they purposefully strike at any tornament I go for or aim for me in raids , I mean one hit me 4 times in a day below is the team I run on defence, can anyone see how he can do me flawlessly with no healer as I can’t? Especially as I have special weapons on every character
Please remove the cheats before they permanently kill my region.
Sorry uploaded the wrong pic and I can’t reply for another 6hrs,due to the limit


Looks like you aren’t doing too badly either with weapons.


People assume a lot of things :slight_smile: Continue to report it, and it will continue to be investigated. NOTHING is undetectable if bought through a third party.


I’m sorry this happened to you man :worried:


In reply to your comment im sure they will eventually get them but its taking far to long ,it is worth noting these arent vk cheats they are using a program to manipulate in game data, shortening wait times, increasing values of burts and attack stats of toons ,
the main guy was originally reported in January, and has been helping others to cheat ever since, I believe it was february i lost focus zeke to one of these hackers in a level up, and she even admits it now and i have screenshots of her saying that she thought others were hacking so it was fine, i lost aprox 8000 coins on this event.
Recently though they have come out in force especially in solo level ups and raid (even everyday raids) Flawlessly hitting everyone in ouur top factions without a scratch they were doing this with 5* against 6* teams pre buff and now using 6* with no healers against 6* teams, the only time we actually damage them is when one of our weapons work, we have archives of evidence yet have been allowed to roam free for well over a month doing this .
( Its now him and his buddy jimmy, they have won every solo raid and level up since this event and put up ridiculous scores in faction, we cant keep being patient its cost this region 10 of its top players the past 2 weeks alone with hundreds more on the brink with the 6* buffs combined, with no one spending anymore ,
Im gonna keep rasing it and when they are banned i will post again with the number of days and tournaments they ruined before scopley acted


yeh my weapons are great but ive failed far to many times to count, but there my pride now my 5* are worthless in the new meta


Hey guys,
I’m sorry to hear of the cheating in your regions and yes, it can feel like a slap to our faces, us legit players, when the people we suspect to be cheating seem to get away with it. However, might I politely remind you that there have been cheating accusations flying around in the past and while it might not be so in this case, some of them have been incorrect? Please don’t mistake me, I am not trying to trivialise your situation or your feelings, or even say that you might be in the wrong here but I felt that there are some points that should be brought up.

This is just a gentle reminder that we should try, as a community, to abide by the motto “innocent until proven guilty”. Sometimes, even the best of us get things wrong and we should try to think of the consequences it might have on another player by publicly shaming them based on erroneous assumptions. Like I said, I am not claiming this is the case here. I just would like you to imagine how that would feel if it were you on the receiving end of the stick and you have never even heard of some of the tools/methods used to cheat, or if you were being condemned for being “guilty by association”.

Back to OP’s case. If you have overwhelming evidence of this, please, please do report the person as per Kalishane’s post. It is thanks to the vigilance of people like yourself that we will have continued enjoyment of the game.

Thank you again, for all the good that you have done for the community!

The entire thread about the cheat report process can be found here:


I appreciate that but i post here as nothing is being done, they gave up defending themselves and quote “i willl destroy this region unless you stop reporting me”.“even if they ban me i will come back with a new account and do the same again”. I have emailed the email at writing this 15 times and there still here, its why when they do get banned i will post a screenshot of every event hes ruined as its been far to long for action to happen, it genuinely feels like the emails just go to someones spam box