Cheating out of control *Poll* does your region have cheaters

Past few days I’ve seen a lot of posts about cheaters and its horrible how not one of the mods on here responds. Cheaters are getting even more cocky and greedy. I did a video to bring light to the situation and hopefully spark attention from scopley.
  • Yes a lot!
  • A few.
  • I’m not sure

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I may get banned from the forums but my evidence will live forever xD


Let’s you and I not start again.

You’re very welcome and thank you for sharing it. People need to know

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I left out the no option because I personally think no one is sure if there is a hacker or not. Regions are big you can’t possibly know if someone hasn’t cheated one way or the other. If you’re not satisfied with the “I don’t know” option, your opinion is recorded here and very well done on having such a great region without hacker and cheaters.

No cheaters in my region. Thanks for that option.


Sorry I tried adding the no option but unfortunately it says I’m unable to. I apologize for not including this. The purpose of the poll is too see how many cheaters and suspected cheaters there are are. I only need for the data to show that. I’m very happy if your region(s) are free of it. Feel free to comment with your region names if you feel like it. That’s the best I can offer. Keep surviving!

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Or maybe the cheaters are just getting better at it?

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Lurking in the shadows… Not being obvious…

Nah coosa hackers came and left after ignoring them in gc for 3-4 weeks was funny as a region ignoring them. Don’t feed the troll and you win

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Hows this for a toon that premired what Friday

we have reported him numerous times

Thats 1 fast armory he has too.

Maxed AR and active skill, max tier and great weapon… Hmmmmm I find it fishy but he could really have coined it or something. Which seems unlikely but Idk man

It’s called coin? Not even perfect rolls, that nots proof really. My Dante was max t3 max ar in 5 minutes after pulling.


you cant get %36 hp with two slots under it done. only 35 with base of %30 hp

2 times 3hp? What was the default weapon stats? I think he just added AP and did 3 hp each as upgrade

More than likely there is far more subtle cheating going on in regions ( a few weapon mods, premiere characters, coins) that is hard to detect by players. In Chilton, one guy showed up with 4 green stuns in a single week, so I was highly suspicious of him considering he did not have those weapons a week prior.

And the maximum for 30 members factions who all did roadmaps and completed milestones currently is 8100

Your right my bad

as for tier 4 maxed takes bit did have day or more

That weapon comes with the special skill so he added 3% hp twice and huge bonus to ap for his 3 upgrades. He also could have coined the armory finished every time so this doesnt prove cheating.

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