Cheating is Risk Free?


More and more players in vk offering cheats like gear, refills and weapon components. One stated half year without ban and other one three months :frowning:


Pretty sure at this point it is

This isn’t me , but people are openly talking about cheating and no repercussions


We players identified that cheater again, who looks very much unaffected, here and about. And it has been a week since we reported, and we are able to identify him again without any “data analysis expert”, sadly either scopely can’t do anything about it or won’t do anything about it. We have facts in front of them and basically pointed that person for them, and they are … having an early Christmas holiday I guess.


I could’ve sworn you guys were IP banned for a bit there until he left?

I would like to point out threads like these are part of the reason why cheating exists. Let’s not advertise it.

Thank you.

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