Cheating is Risk Free?


In region Dade, a new player naked Blue probably a few days old, prestige level 4, team rating A, has successfully completed Legendary Level in Survival Road. Now his level has bumped from 10 something to 24 after all those miracles.

Everyone knows he is cheating by a few seconds looking at his profile, and this situation being reported to Scopely, and as usually no action is taken. This cheater is most likely giving a test drive to see if it’s cheating risk free here, now he gets his answer.

He marched all the way to Rank 2 in the tournament, and I guess no one will be compensated after this, as always.

For what is worse, my post was banned immediately for reporting this. And this is my second post, I gonna keep writing if you ban more.



yes everyone In the server agrees it was not possible in any way for this to have been legit. multiple reports to support got cookie cutter response. sent an email to that special email in the stickied anti cheat thread but from stories I hear on the found that a pretty useless avenue as well. it’s crazy scope think this doesn’t hurt them somehow. cheating should be investiged immediately and properly

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We are yet to see real action taken against cheaters…

There should be a wall of shame, for every region with:
Player XXXX banned for reason XXXX

That would sure help to decrease the number of cheater’s, cause people would become afraid of buying stuff from VK and losing their account’s

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He probably changed the stats of his characters so he can easily beat SR.



I highly, highly recommend everyone consider the effects of cheating. I think the thing I’m most worried about as the Banhammer swings is people losing a lot of what they worked hard for over even a small misstep.

As our team ramps up – you’ll be seeing cheating players lose their accounts more and more.

It’s not worth it guys. Not even once.



Good look If you realy try. But If you are ban,dont complain




Still waiting…

Ill still be waiting next week

And next month

And next year…



Might as well cheat at this point, things move at snails pace when it comes to the players actual wants and requests. Also if you get banned it’s a clean break from the game, many wouldn’t linger around hoping things get better just to be disappointed every event when the prizes are trash.

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I really agree with you. nothing to argue



And based on how efficient the team is… id say the odds of getting caught are about 0

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Don’t want to be pessimistic, but the team is probably quite understaffed and based on my observation (over the last 2 years+) unless the cheating directly impacts revenue nothing gets done - and sadly, for start-ups primarily focused on conversion and life-time spending (note: not retention or satisfaction) … you get my point.

Personally, if you cheat, why play. It defeats the purpose of fair play and you are wasting your own time and that of all other users affected by your irresponsible behaviour. Sadly, most cheater do not think this way.

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I think that players who refund have a higher chance of being banned then cheaters.



Scopley should also consider those whom have been impacted by cheaters… countless $$$ thrown down whilst they continue to get away with it, reaping benefits of 1st prize rewards each & every time. Compensation? Nope.

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Finishing legendary was enough to take second? Only 1 person made it to elite?

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Unfortunately your banhammer doesn’t take into account some players almost forced to try it just to compete.



The cheater was trying pretty hard for sure. Something like over 40 more levels of points after completed Legendary levels.

The thing is, it has been quite some time now, I don’t know if Scopely has done anything or not, I can’t see the cheater without the survival road leaderboard which has been removed from the sight, and he was in no faction. but there is definitely no compensation given to players that have being affected, AS EXPECTED.



Lots of people in my region repeat the last stage of legendary using cans, not because they care about the event but because it’s the fastest XP farming in the game by far

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Translation: we don’t really care bout cheaters. When there are cheaters during tournament, people will spend more to beat them so more income for us.



It is disappointing to know that they have absolutely nothing to track the abnormality of data from cheaters, and even after we reported him multiple times, they still have trouble to locate the person. How can we expect a fair game play when everything is so inefficient. I think they want to prevent and catch cheating, but they are just not able to, or at least not quite there yet.
There is not even a fast pathway to :
Report cheating -> Immediate react -> Block the cheater -> Restore and compensate the victims
They are just not equipped for such problems.



@Final-Boss, we are the region that was reopened. 90% of our players are new or region skippers. We don’t have a lot of competition at the top prizes unless most of us oldies sit on our hands.

And we know the 20 or so oldies really well. Usually less than 5 people finish legendary so when someone new pops up its pretty obvious that person bought their way in. No way someone playing a week could get to Legendary let alone complete it.