Cheating has gone way too far on this game


I’m currently fighting in CRW and i have noticed 1 impressive thing.
First of all i use in my team 2 green chars with stun when attacking weapons. In some opponents my stuns simply don’t work at all…i mean 3 attacks x 2 chars = 6 failed stun attempts. I attacked the same player 3 times and that is 18 failed attempts in total for the same player.
But wait a minute…this does not end like this(cheating wouldn’t be fun like this)
When i attack some players tha have stun guns when dafending, i got stunned every time!!! No failures. Plus the abs def weapons they have amazing odds…12/15 times work for opponent but just 1/10 for me. I haven’t seen such odds since i was learning statistics in high school.


Does he have higher prestige pts than yours?


Does the prestige affect the stun/abs def possibility to work or not? They may have 1M prestige but how can this make my stun not work on them?
It is not just 1 time happened to me…its working every time to specific players.


This isn’t a cheat i have ever heard of. I honestly think that you’ve just had a bad run


It isn’t cheating, it is one of invisible stats in defense. Same thing happens with critical/guardian, somehow guardian in defense acts like on steroids with lower critical chance.


Not surprised…All weapon is like that…


I had guardian block attacks from my entire team today. Then my team was all stunned yet there was nothing to stun me. That was fun. Seems to happen repeatedly battling the same faction from Morgan.


This happens to us all. I’ve gone 4 rounds with out stunning anyone with my swords and also gone fully stunned turn 1 against stun def when hitting with stun atk. You learn to live with it.

Regarding statistics and likelihood, independent rolls do have a chance to do that to you and we are all wired to recognize when a bad occurrence happens more so than a positive occurrence.


How would anyone be able to control their weapon procs… that doesn’t seem possible to me.


Thanks to the RNG.
Same thing for Guardian 2 triggered without any crit bonus twice in a row lmao


A guy in Madison had a 70 def oar…what? Ss coming if I see him again.




Oeee was it against me? :slight_smile:


What’s your team?


if you enemy use a helmet u cant stun him/her whit fisic atk…common sense.
if you keep reading this you’re wasting time



Hahaha…its not cheating…just a bad fight for you xD


Its funny how so many people instantly blame cheating… you haven’t presented any evidence except referencing a few bad runs you had. It happens, sometimes AD and stun proc a ridiculous amount of times on defense. Thankfully these days we have many great actives to get around this, such as stun and recover stun. People are getting great weapons a lot more these days thanks to polishing kits and duct tape being given out like candy, learn to adapt your play to deal with it.


carl - stuntana
chonneshield - abs 0
sr zeke - stuntana
mirabelle - stungun
shiva - stunpaw


Nope. This team had a 6* Viktor