Cheating & Exploiting // How to Report!


Hello everyone!

Following our continued promise to provide not only a quality experience within TWD: RTS, but also a quality community support experience extending outside of the game – we’re excited to tell you we are expanding our anti-cheating task force!

This post will be pinned and continuously updated to make sure you are not only informed of how to help combat cheaters and exploiters, but also to be used as a tool to gather your feedback on the process.

Let’s talk about cheaters and exploiters.

Q: What is being done about players that use cheats and exploits?Is Scopely aware there is a cheater problem? What are they doing about it?
A: We are:

  • working on making existing hacks unusable.
  • actively pursuing reports of cheaters from the community.
  • using current tools at our disposal to identify and ban cheaters.
  • developing new tools to track and identify the latest exploits.

Q: How do I report a cheater?
A: Please send all the info you can here >> the more details you can send us – the more useful it is, i.g. Account IDs, video, etc.

Q: What results from my report? Do they get immediately banned?
A: We will investigate all reports of cheating. We are banning people based on not only evidence provided, but further investigation for solid proof. The more detail you report, the more actionable it becomes.

Q: I didn’t get a screenshot of the potential cheater in action. Should I even bother reporting it?
A: Yes. Your added information might even help solve the mystery of another report we’ve received prior. Any and all help is always appreciated.

Q: Why don’t you go into detail about your process regarding removal of cheaters?
A: The reason we don’t give detailed information on our process is because cheaters are also watching. The information we provide might then be used by exploiters and cheaters to find more avenues.

Q: Why is reporting done privately and not in public threads?
A: There are a couple reasons for this.

  1. People are innocent until proven guilty.
  2. Sometimes reports include information on how a cheater is cheating the system, and again, we’d like to limit that information as much as possible.

Q: Why am I not receiving a response from my report?
A: You will not receive a direct response and there are good reasons for this. Terms of Service that are in place prevent the disclosure of information in these cases.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have!
We will update the Q&A section of this thread as frequent questions come in.

Thank you everyone!

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