Cheaters... please take action!



So I farmed a lot the screwdriver roadmap as you can see from the image and still couldn’t t4 a 6star (thanks Scopely) and then comes a guy who takes 3 6stars to t4 for $20. We have been reporting players that cheat for quite some time and you take no action. When are you going to start? My region is full of them and is making me feel like giving up playing



Yea we were lucky to face coosa in the first crw war since war brought back. They had people there with pretty much full teams of t4 6* @ lvl 90. This was maybe a day after screwdriver map dropped. I guess those people must have legit farmed all those screwdrivers to t4 4-5 6*.


Yea, yall only had to deal with them during that. Im in coosa and it’s just getting worse. The longer it takes scopely to do anything, the more people who seem to think it’s safe. Used to be a handful of obvious ones and now they same to be everywhere. I’ve talked to quite a few of the legit people in coosa and a lot are talking about changing regions or just quitting the game all together. It’s frustrating when you actually spend too much time farming or burn too many cans and cant t4 a 6* when you’ve got people getting everything they need from vk. Scopely says takes time, some of these people have been getting reported for months now. All anyone does is laugh because they know itll be forever before scopely does anything, and even then may not actually get them.


Take it with a grain of salt. It’s possible he could have gotten T4 from getting lucky too. Someone saying something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true, especially on the internet. I can also say “I bought from VK” just to troll other players when I don’t.


Do you know that the drop rates were garbage? I did 2 ten pulls just to get 1x magazine holder and 1x dual weapon holsters. The rest were 5* t4 gear that I don’t need. Plus I believe the vk thing is real and what makes this game not worth spending for unless scopely or iugo can actually do something about it It’s so bs that scopely can’t even look into the site and run a packet sniffer to see how the transactions work.


In the coosa region, they don’t even try to hide it though. We had a level 31 prestige 7 in CRW blitz that had 4 t3 level 80 6* all max ar and active skills, 3 perfect abs def weapons and a perfect -30 ap weapon.


That’s why I didn’t do the 1.5k screwdriver pulls. I did 2 pulls for the Fast Epic Bag and got 2 Canteens. You’re thinking that I’m saying he isn’t cheating. I’m saying despite the low odds, it is still possible he got it legitimately. There isn’t any hard evidence that actually proves he cheated, hence a witch hunt. And if there isn’t any hard evidence, you take word of mouth rumors with a grain of salt.


Tempus… Im in Cosa… I farmed 125k screwdrivers, but still couldn’t t4 a 6star… Some people say they did 40k and got t4… that’s BS. Anyone not from top2 factions with a t4 used vk


So you know the frustration to then? Sorry to hear that. I couldn’t farm as much as I wanted, my own fault, did get most of what i needed for it thankfully just missing a couple of the smaller gear items and that was only cause of a lucky pull of the bag of legends. And its sad that the first thing I did was take screen shots of every pull I did, unfortunately though thats what it has come down to there. I could see a few outside of the top 2 getting the gear from putting the work in, but the ones that im specifically thinking of just keep having more and more 6* popping up in their faction, claiming paid for everything yet prestige isn’t reflecting it.


Scopely must really hate me if from 125k screwdrivers I didn’t get 1 canteen and you tell me that people in lower factions were ‘lucky’ to get t4 gear. BTW… i know who you are referring to but I saw proof that he farmed much more than my 125k, so no, he didn’t cheat. I have been in a top 3 faction for some time and I know that most top players can max a toon in minutes because they’re always ready. I have almost 2000 in my training ground ready for level up! That’s taking 5 5* t4 from lvl1 to lvl80.


I think we are talking about different people here, actually. Especially if you are referring to anyone in a top 3 faction, i dont support cheating so if any of them are rhen hopefully they will be dealt with. My issue is with people in a lower ranked faction, now if thats who you are referring to and you have seen proof that these people haven’t cheated, then i will gladly apologize for sticking my foot in my mouth. Im an adult, i can happily admit when a mistake has been made.


some people spend crazy amount of money.

i know who you are referring to… Dragonball :slight_smile:


Lol i actually dont suspect him of cheating, if he is, hes keeping it close to the chest and not flashing the toons around like others. And if people choose to spend tons of money on the game thats their own business. A lot of top facs that are accused of cheating have high levels of prestige to back it up. Trying to figure out who you are btw lol


i meant his faction not him… im in top50 in raids and top2 faction :sweat_smile:


Lol then yes his fac, now if those are who you meant as proof, then i will apologize. If youre talking about someone else then i can guess as to which fac youre in since one catches more heat then the other. Which is why i quite happily stay in my lower fac, less drama more fun than the tops :blush:


People are finding ways to farm using other means now such as Bluestacks+macros to auto farm, debatable as to whether you consider that cheating or not. I personally go by the old fashioned way.


When maybe 24 hours after screwdriver map dropped somebody already has a full team of t4 lvl 90 6*, it 100% was not done in a legit manner. While i get what you’re saying. There are most defintley cheaters in coosa who use vk like a mofo. Even grinding for 24 hrs straight wouldn’t have even got you 1 t4 6*. This guy had a full team already t4 when the screwdriver map just dropped. No way, no how did he legit grind all those screwdrivers.


Definately a fair point, my comment was purely a stab at Scopley. Whilst they are trying to minimalise VK hacks etc. As you can see on the forums, new methods are forming i.e auto farming, which creates a larger divide between enthusiastic players versus elitists


This is not a new method, this has been around since day one in combination of using Game Guardian (which is now blocked I believe, or was). I believe using emulators like Nox, Memu, and Bluestacks are against ToS as they are third party apps, but the macro recording Apps available on android devices is not. Just my two cents


Scopley advised in another thread that any form of auto bot is against tos, users beware.