Cheaters in RTP event

I am fairly certain that the faction O Hospicio who won in hilltop cheated to get the win. We(Parabellum) we’re winning handily and not only winning Hilltop but had the most badges collected of any region/faction in all communities. I will post pictures for proof and I would love to hear other thoughts. Also my conversation or response form support.

But at 11:30am eastern time yesterday we were in first and the second place faction had right around 14k(wolf pack) and then by about 7pm Eastern O Hospicio was in first with over 17k. We were still second over all for hilltop and any community with just under 16k. There is no way someone could have raided that much and get that lucky with the terrible drop rate for someone to jump up over 3k in a few hours to not only over take hilltop but have the most badges by over 1k of any other faction in the game. We’d like what’s due to us and a stop to all this BS cheating(whether war, local events, regional events).

-A loyal player/customer who just wants it to be fair!


That happened to my faction last week, factions somehow getting more badges then was achievable at the time. Their response was to add it to raids that way we couldnt keep an accurate account


There is no way they raided enough to add 3k to their score in a few hours.