Cheaters how to report?


Can someone tell me how to report cheaters on this new forum?


You can only flag their posts. I’m not sure how to ban cheaters here. Might want to pm Shane


Thanks you, it won’t let me private message her on this forum @kalishane if you could message me for guidance please?

Don’t really want to air stuff in public if I don’t have to


I usually find her in a post, click on her name, and click message, and it should work :slight_smile:


You don’t report cheaters in the forum.


The People should know who cheated… They deserved it…


we report cheaters anywhere someone will listen. im certain thier special email place to report everything just goes right into the recycle bin and then no action is taken. we tried to get an obviouscheater removed from dade and it was like talking to a wall. most games take a pretty hard line with cheaters. here is kinda like a playground for them


I tired to report cheaters here like many others, but all you can expect is that your posts will be blocked, unlisted or deleted. They took more actions to punish reporters than cheaters.


Not true my post has remained active it has just been ignored by everyone with power, and had to ask combat devil on a separate post about it, A brief history of cheats in Our region, but proper way as lady geek suggests is via email but you have no idea as and when they see it, but from a comment by kalishane to me i can probably infer they aprox a month behind on it


Thanks for the replies everyone! Ladygeek thanks for the link, I have now sent them an email with the details.

As much as I’d love to name and shame on here I am going to go the proper route and hope for the best.

Why people even feel the need to cheat in a mobile phone game is beyond me anyway!