Cheaters getting away


Why isn’t anything being done about cheaters out there with double mod stats, encountering more and more on the Warren region


If you transferred to warren, back out now lol


Warren was a lot of things… I won’t share my adjectives here, but never cheaters.


Double mods is not cheating it’s using an exploit. Taking advantage of poor programing is not the same thing.


Double mods issue still broken!!.


Such a thin line


Yeah not really. One is discovering in the game that something that should not be possible is. The other requires the use of an outside program and editing the game’s data or paying someone to log into your account and loading it up with illegally purchased good.

A pretty big distinction between taking advantage of an exploit and straight up cheating in my opinion.

For example, let’s say you went to go run the gold radio map today and you only had one. After completing the map you clicked on it and even though it shouldn’t it unlocked and allowed you to run the map again. Then you tried it again and it still unlocked so you continued to run the maps and collect the mods. Later Scopely realized the mistake and corrected it. Are you a cheater or did you take advantage of an exploit in the game due to a bug?


You realize that going into airplane mode allows you to preview your weapon craft. Don’t like it, make small change in the weapon, reset it and peek again. Repeat until you see the desired outcome. No one access your account, you don’t manipulate the data, you simply found that the RNG lies within your system, no need of a server check. Exploit


Heard of it never done it but more importantly does it still work? I would classify this as a cheat because you are intentionally manipulating the outcome.

My example of radio map is an exploit. Equipping double mods is an exploit. Your taking advantage of something that should not work but the game is allowing it to happen.

Another exploit was the time when Wendys dropped in war instead of some other reward. Not cheating. When Scopely messed the premiere wheel that one time and 5-stars were being pulled in insane numbers. Not cheating just taking advantage of an exploit in the game due to poor programing.

This is how I define the difference between an exploit and a cheat. Some people see them as the same I see differences. Either way you define them the person is getting away with something that is not intended.


We are on the same side of this discussion, for the record.
Weapon and airplane modes does not work


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