Cheaters and the developers


Would you like to see a basic Q&A with the head of anticheat?

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While many of you know me, i am a constant complainer about the lack of action taken on cheaters by scopley
Due to the fact the forum/support simply direct you to a faceless email, that for all we know is directed to a spam box, due seemingly the lack of any action taken by these reports and emails on the supposed hackers and cheaters, i would like to request a Q&A with the main guy/guys behind the anitcheat programming on this forum, where we as players can ask a variety of questions, that they may be able to answer so we can at least get some clarity on the situation.
I would like this post to be a base where we can collect some basic questions that @kalishane could take to these people and we can achieve some basic clarity to the process that you use,
Like how long does it take you in average to asses the validity of an email?
Or does the constant faction changes and name changes affect the ability of identifying the people the emails sent are referring to?


Thing is if I was an developer and it wasn’t a protected forum, I’d be scared of being eaten apive on here. No way any of them would take live questions from here. On the other hand, if people sent questions in, people wouldn’t be happy bc Scopely would just cherry pick the questions and avoid any real questions instead probably ending up answering bs questions like What kind of snacks do you guys eat while working.


This would be a much more likely event if they wouldn’t be heckled and people understood the complexities involved with what they are trying to do.

There is a general consensus on line, in game, and here, that scopely isn’t interested in fixing cheating because they don’t care. The reality is likely the opposite. VK causes people to leave AND offers hacks for a fee, both of which eat into scopely’s profits. The first, because less people means less spenders, the second because competition for items and a cheaper alternative means dollars converted to rubles.


How did you create a poll?



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Fantastic idea


Yeh thats a problem, but honestly if they could either, do it so they use a basic account i.e take over dash’s for an hour , or just take it to them and answer not online, if they cherry pick we can see that and ask why they ignored certain questions at this point any knowledge is better than what we have


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of that in the future, just not in the form of a direct Q/A session


Dude, theres a funny tutorial. Work trough the message you got from discobot.