Cheater or was there a James glitch some players took advantage of?

Some ppl in my faction came across a player in another faction in our region while raiding that has 2 James. That should not be possible so is this person a really dumb cheater or was there some glitch with James that some ppl took advantage of?

Really dumb cheater lol


There was a glitch that allowed players to claim a second choice box when they transfer so it’s possible

OK so if there was a glitch why didn’t scopely take one away. They have no issues confiscating stuff from us when other glitches benefit ppl so why not fix this too?

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They didn’t take all the Wangfas people pulled with the halloween Coin token gate or the Mr. Jones gate either so who knows what they think or do

Only when it suits them imo if it ain’t making them money they don’t care
That’s why gate’s often involving pam coins or even Andrea get fixed
Pam wouldn’t mean that scopley would make moneybags from lvl up offers
Andrea costing normal would cost them money they could make by using comic instead
And coin gates like coin wheel event costed lists of money so it got fixed
And not James Jones or etc because no one was really spending albeit a select few

so I heard some people had a glitch with it where if they transferred they somehow got another option for an s class - but from what I recall they removed the second christa / james. If you know who the player is in the region I recommend reporting them in game through the proper channels.

They only confiscate things if they can confiscate all ot them.

  • Shield Andrea that worked without comics? Take all, give one back.
  • Crating parts that no one should have? (except the few people buying an offer very quickly) Take them all
  • Skullgate? Can’t take them all, because people have coins legitimately. Keep them.
  • Wangfa/Doc/Mia from Halloweengate? Can’t take them all because enough people have them legitimately. Keep them.
  • Collectibles, max mods, Jones, trainers from Jonesgate? Can’t take them all, because people have them legitimately. Keep them.

not a glitch. prior to james being released as museum free toon (or abt same time this museum event started) s class james can be pulled from Premium. ive seen a few players with 2 james.

Das a lotta stop signs

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