Cheater in the new Culman region?


So the day gator came out as a 6* how does he already end up at tier 4 level 64??? Thoughts on this? Cheating or really lucky??


screenshot? How old is the region?


One would assume they got the 6 star one from the stash and perhaps bought the entire stash outright or were sitting on the gear. You can pay to rush a ygl and coin to refresh it, ect. We also did just have that event that gave out trainers left and right. Plus they are always selling trainers too.

Or they bought him from vk. Either way. :wink:

Found this. Again pretty sure everything you needed was in the stash.

Is he using this weapon?


About a month n a half

he changed it for war but this is the person… This is a secondary region for me so in my main region I’ve seen maybe 3 or 4 people with 6*s in tier 4 and I been playing over 2 years


Not sure about the weapon… But yeah you are right I over looked the stash…


Is Culman a locked region?


No. Not last I checked. It is a new region though.


Hmph, if you get a full set of t4 6* gear who would waste it on Gator?


someone who has no hope of getting carl?


This guy.