Cheater in raids


What is this, new player. not #1 in rankings but raided a 6* team around the time raid began


PS: raiding unlocks at level 6 how did he raid me at level 2?? when raiding unlocks the rep goes to 1000


awesome :rage:


UPDATE; Changed his name so definetely NOT a transfer bug @JB.Scopely


I saw a few of those in my region after transfers went live so I think it’s actually a bug. Some people lost their rep and xp after they transfered causing it to look like that.


Also considering if his rep is really that low, yours is probably a lot higher, he should have got 25 rep from beating you, not 6. So I’m guessing it’s a transfer bug where his rep shows 0 when it’s actually higher than yours.


He’s japanese. They normally dont hack. Its a cultural thing that makes an achiement a failure.


How can it be a bug when he changed his name?
@Opie Raids are unlocked at level 6 which he is not, hence the 0 rep but still confused how he raided my 6* team with no message to raid logs, now its going to be sitting in my revenge logs forever…I guess I have to leave my region now… I cant raid him since he isnt lvl 6 and under constant shield…


ITS A VISUAL BUG. He didn’t hack or anything else, he transferred and his rep hasn’t shown up, his prestige is right in line with a normal player and depending on activity could be days before you get a chance to revenge.


Also, people crying wolf every time for things like this make it harder to get at real cheats as Scope then has to waste time investigating things like this.


youll know a hacker when u see one, dont worry scopely takes hacking very seriously their support has told me every time i report this dude .


Do you really think scopely really investigates? hahaha you made me laugh so hard, no one in scopely staff even answered, my last support was 6 messages back and forth with each of them me getting a generic response that doesnt help yet they keep repeating it over and over and over and over… (not to do with cheating just broken game mechanics)

PS if its a bug with the rep and not a new player who didnt get to lvl 6 yet to get his 1000 rep, why is his picture a 3* carl every beginner gets?


Maybe he likes Carl… omg! And your stupidity would make me laugh if it didn’t make me sad for the human race


He’s innocent


That’s simply not true. Google “sumo wrestling match fixing” if you need some evidence that cheating exists in Japan.


this just in: cheaters don’t exist in Japan :rofl:


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