Cheat Weapons or just visual

Just checking as these weapons are not achievable with the slots that are left to craft, opinions just visual

you can clearly see image for a 5* weapon swap… everyone is always crying about cheaters on here


plus if it was a cheat weapon it would be a perfect weapon who would cheat for 38% or 43%


Someone who didn’t want to be called a cheat. :thinking:


There is definitely something going on with the visuals for weapon swaps.

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Any sufficiently advanced player is indistinguishable from cheating :slight_smile:

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Top weapon has been upgraded 6 times but still has 2 craft spaces left
Middle weapon has been upgraded 5 times but has 3 craft spaces left
So is it visual or other

Yeah the top one is upgrading 6 times…but 2 left?

Middle 5 times but 3 left.

But both have weapon swap symbol so.

Swapped weapon yes still not possible to have these craft spaces

Someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I think when you swap a weapon it keeps the appearance and name of the bound weapon and just replaces the stats of the weapon with the one you are swapping with.

Yes that’s right

It might be if one of the swapped weapons were a premium weapon with any of the preset special stats in slot 3 or 4. I can’t remember off the top of my head if they had a weapon like that in the weapon wheel.

Maybe weapon swaps is bugged and it gives you extra upgrades or something

@Gov @Lostboy1 seriously?

The visual shows Aarav and his weapon NOT the swaped weapon, so the available crafting slots are referring to Aarav’s Cleaver and not the new weapon…

It’s a visual glitch. First screenshot is Sergio’s shotgun, second is priyas and third priyas swapped out for sergios
It still shows priyas bazooka with Sergio’s stats but still showing three spots available for craft even though it’s maxed.


I said above its a swap weapon symbol. Lol

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