Cheat or glitch

This is in one of my alt regions.

Raids rank 43
Prestige: 13
Level: 2
Rep: 83,706
Wins: 0

Theoretically, you could get rep pts without raiding.
But to get 83k rep & ranked 43rd in the region without is hella fishy.

Level 2 xp means they haven’t participated in any events or even roadmap. They don’t have a base, no armory/weapons. And likely haven’t gotten any survivors… So how did they level their killer defence?!?

So… that looks guilty as hell.

Could be a transfer who hasn’t raided in region maybe

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Then wouldn’t be level 2

Probably glitch

Don’t think raids are available at level 2. Think they open at a later level. 7 or 8 maybe.

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Many accounts glitch on last transfer, it shows their accounts in their previous regions, only difference is level is at 2.
Their raid rep is still even the same.
I have multiple old faction mates with 100k++ that’s accounts are still showing in our region.

Correct they open at level 6.

Smells like hacker and sounds like hacker, its not possible to obtain that rep on that low level…

Add pints if that player is on a russian region …

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