Chatting with spanish and turkish in a english region

I login daily to be surprised with some players talking spanish and turkish on GC… I get so annoyed because am expecting to read english and the other english speaking players don’t chat much because the spanish took over the GC so am kinda like i don’t use GC anymore :confused: … I mean if there are other spanish regions why would someone come bother us here? I hope someone of the moderator can do something about this…

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Consider it an opportunity to learn something new

TWD RTS doesn’t segregate

This happens in all regions. In the Spanish regions they also speak Italian, Russian and English.

Eso ocurre en todas las regiones. En las regiones españolas también hablan italiano, ruso e ingles.

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As an English Aristocrat once said :

There are only 2 things you need to learn in a foreign language.
One is "Do you speak English ? "
Second is "Well fetch me someone who does then "


Anyone else find it ironic that OP’s first language probably isn’t English…


and you have not thought about building a wall so they do not enter your chat?


League chat in my region is only Russians. Oh well.

Ohh yea because all the crap being blocked already in chat isn’t enough…lets add to it. Ive said it before and will say it again, if it bothers the players in your region so much block them. If its too big of a problem try and reason with them, suggest they make a fac were they can all join and speak spanish or turkish. Put ur big boy pants on and find solutions stop giving Scopely excuses to keep smucking up our chat.


Turkish is easy to learn. Merhaba. Nasılsın?

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Yeah tell me bout it, we got 3 German whale fac in our region. Only they use gc chat 90% of time w no crit tt sharing and much more

Gee, what a great idea, because English speaking players only choose faction mates who speak English and not for any other reason.

Switch regions…scopley cant force a language to be spoken. Most factions want 24/7 activity which requires having people from around the world. They will speak other languages.

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