Chat Server Issues


So I have been playing TWD RTS for 2 years and not changed my device or any Wifi stuff at home. Suddenly I cannot connect to the chat servers at home as of 2 days ago. Other places seem to work like work but probably not North Korea.

I have reset the wireless router, rebooted and can’t seem to get chat back at home. How am I suppose to tell folks there is no basement in the Alamo If I cant chat with folks?

Anyone know how to fix this? TIA!


Did you change your firewall at all? I haven’t been able to use chat for a year now while at work because of the firewall.


Hmmm…I didn’t change my Firewall. However I expect Scopely is using a naughty port like 25, 67, or 135-139 which is blocked by my internet provider Anyone know which port chat is set on?