Chat room moderation?


If a forum moderator could reach out to me about the things that go on in the chat room that would be great. At this point there is too much harassment and toxic messages being sent via global chat.


Make sure to hit that report button! (and have others in your faction hit it as well.)
That will put it to the top of the list, but moderation is all very manual at the moment.


Dear Kalishane, how many times should we press the button or send screenshots and nothing happens? :frowning:

We’re (server Lee) waiting and writing with the support since months. And not only for the harassments, we’re talking to you. The VK coin users are still there… I feel a litte upset and be fooled. :confused:


The report button hasn’t got results since the game started. Is someone actually looking at the reported messages now, because they definitely were not at any point in the past.

This game has set a horrific precedence of not doing anything when people hit the report button. Since the game came out, nothing has been done when the button was hit and it became a joke. You literally had people making jokes about “reported” messages. While I commend you for trying to finally clean up the game and change the abusive environment that you cultivated with your inaction, it is wrong to say that we aren’t going to do anything… until today. Players should have got a warning that the culture you built in global has changed and won’t be tolerated any longer. I have hit the report button countless times when the inappropriate people are abusing people hoping something might change… but it never did. You made this mess Scopley. Scopley created the toxic environment of global chats buy providing a report button and doing absolutely nothing with the reports since the game came out. Now… all of a sudden Scopley has seen the error of their ways and are going to ban people without letting anyone know that the standards Scopley has set for years by doing nothing have changed. It’s wrong to out right ban people in this situation for your mistake (while many of them deserve it).

I commend you on actually trying to clean up global chat and stopping the rampant abuse, but you really need to do it right. This is your mess Scopley… not the players. My point is that Scopley built this global chat culture and if they want to change things, everyone in the game should get a huge apology for your doing nothing and allowing what happens in global chat to happen without ramifications. You let the players down since the game started with your lack of action and formed the way that global chat is. This abusive horrible global chat is what Scopley built by allowing it to happen. The apology notice should also advise players that the expectations have changed and there will be consequences moving forward. Please clean up global chat, but do it right.


They just started doing a lot of bans. So keep reporting


One person hitting the report button multiple times isn’t going to do much besides cause you to not being taken seriously for report spamming. Unless you have statistics proving multiple players (not just yourself) reported inappropriate users, your point is mute.


They are able to view the reportrd messages that the user sent and the previous players messages if they took a look. I have experience with chat room moderation so your point is invalid.


Unfortunately, it is clearly worded in the Terms of Service what they can do with accounts and Scopely’s liability. I advocate everyone take a peak at those terms… It’s kinda scary.


I dont understand this talk of warnings. To play this game you agree to abide by the ToS. The ToS clearly states harassment, abuse, and inappropriate language (along with cheating, hacking, exploiting) is prohibited and you risk being banned.

Proving cheating is difficult. Proving harassment not so much. Just because people think telling someone to kill themselves/get raped/to die in a fire/EAD etc is not as serious as cheating doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.


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