Chat not loading

Player Name: Char
Faction: Ghost riders
Region: Effingham
Device: Samsung s6
OS Version:
For the past month or so I have had no access to chat whether it be global or my fraction. I’ve tried reinstalling my app but that doesn’t seem to do anything. Is there a way to save my progress but have my account refreshed or something? It’s cause real problems as I’m not around enough for my fraction and communications are being missed.

@kalishane @Shawn.Scopely

Can either of you help please?

Mine does that all the time on slow internet connections. Have you forced the game closed? Not just closing but the double tap and swipe on apples or I guess actually closing on andriod.

This often clears the problem for me.

Thanks but yes have tried that, doesn’t seem to make any difference. It shouldn’t be down to the connection as we’ve got fibre so it’s a good speed. But thanks for responding :slight_smile:

i have the same issue today

Player Name: yenyen
Faction: bloodhunters
Region: albert
Device: asus
OS Version: android 5.0

and all inbox also missing. i using wifi, & i think my real IP was banned. but why?

i will give my real IP if it is needed through private. i don’t want play using VPN althought it can restore chat because it causes my device to slow.

and if there is mistake so i get banned in chat, what is that?

hope someone can explain. thank you

Thank you for all the info!

@Shawn.Scopely – is this your wheelhouse?

ok. i still wait for solutions

hey. its me again. last night my chatting room became normal, until now. someone is already working for it. I appreciate it!

will observe the next few days, if there is no more problem, I will disappear like the wind…

thank you for your help!

I use to have all kinda trouble with game chat freezing or just slow. I downloaded the go pro keyboard app and it works great in game chat and I don’t have the problems anymore.