Chat filter is ruining the game

The chat filter that Scopely has implemented is ruining the game. Im going to fill you in on a little secret. Your game content is not keeping the game alive. The only thing you ever did right in this game was the social factor of the game. People dont stay for the comstant solo levelups. They stay because of the friendships thry have made in the game. We have become families of sorts. This happened through the socisl aspect of the game. Our ability to communicate as we would in everyday life. Now we cant even say beer. Its ridiculous. Meanwhile scopely can curse up a storm in their storylines for roadmaps. I understand the sensitivity in todays soft world is high. But you have prevented your players from even being able to express themselves in a normal way. Youre killing the game for the few players who are left. You might want to mlmsoften up on the filter. I understand the concern for bullying and hatassment. I dont condone either, but you are sucking up any fun that was left in the game .


I murdered alot of that post. But you get the gist

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I think the chat filter should be in the game but not at a degree like this, mainly to keep hateful,racist and sexist slurs and other forms of harrassment but not blocking out normal adult banter and joking. This is a M-rated game not fukn club penguin.

ps: club penguin is actually banned in the chat filter :joy:

It’s annoying but not as annoying as when it first came out. I guess I’ve just adjusted. I do all my cursing on Line lol

i said air conditioner … bam that was it

Remove it from faction chat.

Just remove it all together should go by how many reports you have on you a level of on watch list

Cant help myself, everytime I saw ####-signs then I read the f-word. Most of the time it fits. So the filter brought some new deep into conversation.

Just add the option to turn it on or off. Boom. Fixed.

Edit: the block button has always worked for me.


What I don’t get is how many other games can turn of the profanity filter, but a game with actual murder and zombies can’t. If Blizzard can give you a button to turn of the profanity filter, so can you, Scopely.

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