Chat Enhancement and Moderation Details

Hello Everyone,

With the release of the latest game update (18.1.3), we’ve introduced new Chat Moderation technology, with the intent of reinforcing and adding new tools to ensure all players have a great experience when chatting with their fellow Survivors in the game.

As we previously highlighted, it is a priority for us to ensure that Road to Survival is a welcoming and safe environment for all players to spend their time. There is no place in the game for player-to-player harassment of any kind. To that end, we’re implementing additional anti-harassment measures in the game to continue to protect players from inappropriate behavior, when and where needed.

It’s important to point out that while the game is rated 17+, and some strong language can be found in the narrative experience of the game, we still are focused on protecting our players from abusive behavior and language (regardless of the games mature rating and content).

Where is the moderation active?

The following areas are now benefitting from the Upgraded Automated Chat Moderation:

  • Global Chat
  • Faction Chat
  • Leagues Chat
  • Player Names
  • Inbox Messages

How does this new chat moderation feature work?

The Automated Chat Moderation tool reviews chat and will become more restrictive if undesirable language is used. However, it does consistently review your recent chat, so the more positive and constructive language you use, the less restrictive your chat will become.

Some players that have been actively challenging and “trying out” the tool’s efficiency and inadvertently placed themselves in a demoted status. As a result, some harmless words may be temporarily filtered, where they wouldn’t be otherwise.

The chat moderation tool does not solely focus on a given list of banned words, but rather, scans the chat history and reviews the context of the players chat.

Player Blocking Feature

We revamped the player blocking and player reporting systems:

  1. Players will no longer be able to get around chat blocks by changing their names.
  2. The chat reporting system has been upgraded to allow for players to provide additional details when reporting players.

Note: With this revamp, all players previous block lists have been erased. Players will need to reblock any previously blocked players.

What are the consequences?

Actions are taken on an account with regards to the content and context of both player reports and chat moderation logs. What this means is that the volume of reports against an individual player will not guarantee a temporary suspension or permanent account ban.

There are 3 different types of punitive actions that can be taken on a player’s account, depending on the severity of the reports: Temporary Mute, Temporary Suspension and Permanent Ban.

Only a player’s individual actions can result in these steps being taken. This means players cannot band together to unrightfully get someone suspended.


This ‘feature’ is utter crap. The blocking, yeah, should have been done in the first place.

People should be able to say what they want without this company banning them, especially when people are being banned for saying ‘survival road’ or ‘forums’ sounds stupid right? Pretty sure that’s not bullying?





Excellent feature keep up the good work :wink:


All well and good @GR.Scopely /@JB.Scopely but what about those players being silenced for normal conversation? The words that are in no way offence being blocked? The ban remaining in place after the cooldown?

There are 100% issues with the implementation of this “clever piece of tech” which as ever are seemingly being ignored


Happy Monday! :slight_smile:

Some more context about where we stand:

  • The initial batch of players having concrete consequences, such a temporary chat ban, were 20/1000 approximately on the very first day.

  • The system can only automatically issue temporary chat bans, and the rest of any punitive action is still verified by a senior member of the support team, based on both the volume and context of the reports.

  • Having stated the above, we’ve still loosened up on the tool over the weekend, to show a bit more flexibility and breathing space.

  • We’ve also found out about an issue over the weekend where the 24 hour mutes were not unmuting players after it was over. Our staff is currently dealing with those isolated cases (circa 40 support enquiries received)

It is not necessary to reach out in the hope to get a ban lifted, claiming "google or “forums” have had someone banned, as there is no such thing happening (as those reports most likely filter a large part of the events that went down).

Many thanks!


Want to see a funny image @JB.Scopely? Not trying to get forum banned so maybe worth me sending via PM.

Suffice to say, this “clever bit of tech” still hasn’t been implemented in a working fashion


Why ban ppl while system hiding words?


People aren’t claiming that words like “google” and “forums” have got them banned, just that they have instances where they appear censored out, i.e. the words themselves are banned. Plenty of great examples of this “clever bit of tech” being a bit too clever for its own good…


So clever that those players that were being harassed by players that they put on a block list now have to either be re-harassed, which isn’t a word, or find the player that may have changed his/her name and block them again.


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@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely that is your response to this utter disaster? Wow. Just wow. Have you went through all the posts? Do you think people are lying? Not one person asked for this. They simply asked for a better way to report someone. This is absurd.


They lossend up the restirictions, that’s good. It is fitting that an actual human is reviewing accounts before suspending them.
Now for the ones lost suspension still blocked, i hope that is resolved fast


Well this just isn’t happening is it? I had a great experience chatting without having to dodge around your new tool that’s possessed by the ghost of Kim Il Sung.


Chat bot is utter nonsense, was playing about in global on friday. Friend said bollocks, i said ballbag. I got a 24 hour chat ban that still isnt lifted. I admit we were messing about.pushing the ‘amazing tech’ with our British naughty words

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Why is this function necessary in faction chat? Don’t you think faction leaders can deal with bullying and harrasment on their own? They can be removed from faction and then players can report that person.


Kinda scary to have banter in FC now.