Chat does not work on wifi

My chat has been down for 1 week now. It only works on mobile data! The only think I can see on wifi is territory. But non of the chats. They all say connecting to server… but as soon as I turn on mobile data it works. I have tried to update the game, phone but dont work. Have erased data etc but nooooooo! Can get expensive in the long run only using mobile data… and this isn’t the first time I’ve been complaining about this, and I know I’m not the only one either… as a paying member u should at least be abel to communicate with your faction! Plz do something about this shit…

The issue (network connectivity) has to do with your provider / cellular service …

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No. My wifi works with everything els!

Internet programs use a communication protocol called TCP/IP. Each program, or part of a program, will communicate on one of about 65,000 TCP Ports. The most common TCP ports are 80 and 443. The chat program in the game runs on a different port than most Internet communication.

Something on your wifi network is blocking the port that the chat server runs on.


And what can that bee? Because it comes and goes

Restart your router might help.

Done that to… have to call to morrow about my wifi and see if they have any problems…

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Go into your router settings and see if any of those ports are blocked. You can search how to get into your router settings on YouTube.

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