Chat Censor is totally whacked

Is there any way we can push for either a fixing of or removal of this annoying chat censor? This thing keeps censoring words that should not be censored. I was talking about my job and that im working 33hrs in 3days next weekend. And the game censored that. Then 2 of my faction mates talk about drinking wine and vodka. Doesnt get censored. Then i comment about the same thing and i get censored. Like really? How exactly does this thing work really? It just censors things totally random all the time even when theres nothing that would need to be censored.


I typed “this game is hot dookie”

Well…maybe you were thinking bad thoughts when you were typing it in


No actually i wasnt. I simply saod exactly as i did in this post. Hence the reason for it.

For some reason it has a dislike for ‘In 2nd Place’. Like I’m not even sure where the ultra-wholesome bot finds controversy in that.


apparently it censors math too. lol

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It’s actually a hashtag generator not a censor.

Could be censoring boring conversations :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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:roll_eyes: Good thing for you that it’s not installed here. :wink:

Support told me that the more hashtags you get the stricter the program gets. I think once a seemingly random word gets hashtagged it’s a natural response to test it thinking it must be a mistake. And so the cycle begins

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